We seek to establish long-term relationships with our clients. As such, we are flexible in our approach and offer creative billing solutions, including flat fee and contingency fee arrangements under appropriate circumstances.

Client Testimonials

“For those of you who don’t know James and Trevor, I can personally vouch for their talent as attorneys. When James and I shared “big Firm” life together, he handled some quite complicated matters for a couple of my public company clients. The clients were ecstatic with the representation and, importantly, were happy with the bill (i.e., James handled the cases very efficiently). I would not hesitate to send litigation matters their way.” — Carl Sanchez, Partner & Chair of Global Mergers & Acquisitions Practice, Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP

“James and his firm represented my company in a recent litigation matter that resulted in a positive outcome for my business that I have spent years building.  After just a few months of tactful litigation, the case was dismissed.  As the President & CEO of an international company, I was extremely pleased with the exceptional results James delivered in such a short time, and impressed by the professional and highly responsive manner with which he handled our case–all at very reasonable cost.  I wholeheartedly recommend James and San Diego IP Law Group LLP for any litigation work.” — John Hanley, President & CEO, Solatube Global Marketing, Inc.

“I had the pleasure to work with Trevor on a complex patent infringement case, his strong scientific background was key to our success, he was quickly able to understand the technical merits of the case and come up with the right strategy to prove prior art. In less than 30 days the patent holder decided to drop the case after realizing he could not win the case.”  — Eli Laufer, Vice President, MRV Communications, Inc.

“Not only was James Fazio incredibly responsive, extremely informative, and a great counselor during the litigation, but he also demonstrated an impressive ability to learn and understand our products at a very detailed technical level . . . The fact that James, in such a short amount of time, was able to gain such an in-depth understanding of our products demonstrated a true commitment to our case, and to Quest as a client.” — Michael Halladay, Senior IP Counsel, Quest Software, Inc.

“[Trevor is a] Great patent lawyer! Was able to understand and help explain a detailed and complex invention. Readily works with abstract / mathematical concepts. Excellent understanding of patent law & IP protection process. Would strongly recommend.” — Alianna Maren, Ph.D.

“We see James Fazio as a skilled, polished litigator who inspired confidence in his legal analysis, in his judgment and in his recommendations.  This was no mean feat especially since our Executive Chairman is himself a former partner at Orrick.  James complemented his technical legal skills with a quick grasp of our complex technology, our finances and our business practices.  He was typically several steps ahead of us in his strategic thinking and, to our benefit, was usually ahead of opposing counsel as well.  Rather than merely spot issues–important as that is–James offered creative, timely and practical solutions that demonstrated he understood what made both legal and commercial sense for us.”  — Patrick Waters, Deputy General Counsel, Novatel Wireless, Inc.

“San Diego IP Law Group has an excellent entrepreneurial spirit.  They are personable, understanding and put clients first–that is part of what makes San Diego IP Law Group so special.  I admire their “outside the box” thinking, their great expertise, and their commitment to understanding my needs and what makes sense for my business.”  — Serhat Pala, CEO, Global Business Support Systems Inc. dba PrintCountry

“James Fazio is a pleasure to work with, taking very challenging situations and addressing them with professionalism, knowledge and confidence.  He has a strong ability to defuse emotions and stay focused on the important business goals at hand.”  — Greg White, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, SiteTuners.com/ Former President & CEO, Air-Trak Inc.

“Trevor is an excellent and dedicated professional with whom it is very easy to work with and that proven to be essential to the company success on filing patents to the USPTO.” — Joao Sousa, Ph.D., Director of R&D, Multiwave Photonics SA

“I have known James Fazio since 1994 and have followed his professional career ever since.  I hired James and his IP group in 2005 to defend Artes Medical against a brazen patent infringement lawsuit by a major competitor.  James and his team ultimately prevailed after a lengthy litigation process and we executed a lucrative out-licensing agreement.  James thinks very strategically and keeps his cool.  He is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him for any IP litigation work.”  — Dr. Stefan Lemperle, President & CEO, AscentX Medical, Inc.

“Trevor has been instrumental in increasing the value of our company. Particularly in areas of creating and acquiring our IP assets. He has a deep understanding of engineering and uses creative methods to explain concepts and turn them into assets. I would strongly recommend Trevor for any work in the areas of IP and patent law.” — Tom Mathai, Founder and Director, Embedded Wireless Labs

“James Fazio is great to work with.  In a bad case, he was always there to speak to me and provided expert and creative counsel.”  — Jason Mendelson, Managing Director, Foundry Group & Mobius Venture Capital

“Trevor has been a great asset to me and my company. As my patent attorney, Trevor started with my basic concept and worked closely with me to fine tune all the details of my idea. He did extensive research to understand my idea and make sure my patent claims were on track. Broad but detailed enough to cover my idea. The time and effort he spent with me and my idea was over the top! Trevor is very reliable, detail oriented and is always there for me to answer any question… whenever I need him!” — Joann Stallings, Founder and President, Sturdy Floss Inc.

“James Fazio is a very responsive and trustworthy attorney who dedicates himself to his clients.  His experience and competence in corporate law along with his personal commitment to his clients, combine to make him a unique, legal asset.  I trust my interests with him and highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal services in the corporate world.”  — Ray Pronko, President, Q-Vio